About Me

Hello everyone and thank you so much for checking on my blog today!

I am very delighted to share here with you about my passion and about what animates me the most: ethical fashion, slow living and arts.

My name is Edwige and I am a young entrepreneur living in Paris and traveling all around the world to get inspiration and meet ethical initiatives. I graduated in 2014 from EM Lyon Business School in France where I co-created the Fashion Association Dress-Code with a dreamy team and the support of great stylists and ethical fashion entrepreneurs. After beginning my career in LVMH by a VIE in Asia Pacific, I have decided to come back to France to give birth to the Eléa & Cybèle project that had been growing for a while in my mind and in my heart.

I wanted to offer a solution to stop having to chose between fashion and ethics. I wanted to promote and act for a sustainable production that rewards its craftsmen and respects nature and ecosystems. An organic and upcycled fast-fashion brand is raising from that project. And I would like to share with you my inspirations, my work and my hopes for it.

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