The « Women in innovation 2016 » Hackathon – Éléa & Cybèle on the podium !

Hello everyone !

I had announced next article to be on Hong-Kong but let me digress here today. I would like first to present to you that fabulous event where I participated and where I got to present my organic and upcycled fashion brand Éléa & Cybèle. It was the « Women in innovation 2016″ Hackathon.  » Women at the heart of new economic models  » was it theme. Pretty exciting, han?


I just arrived on Thursday, November 17th, at the premises of Orange, in « villa bonne nouvelle », which literally means « Good news villa » – quite welcoming for the 48h to come! – to meet social entrepreneurs and startup lovers. After an absolutely delicious and very parisian – « café-croisant »- breakfast, pitchers are invited to pitch. As a colorful sticker indicated on the white badge where my name stand that I was a « project leader », I could not really flee. Besides being 1.80 meters made me easily recognizable which had me be the first one to pitch – kinda trapped ?! ahah ! – Most of the other pitchers seemed to be way more experienced, I was clearly a baby in the team ! I found each of their project was really amazing. All the presented projects were answering a social and/or environmental issue. They were enforcing collaborative economic models and sustainable development. Every project leader had her own charisma and made an elegant and smart pitch in just 1 MINUTE of a time ! Which let me just enough time to offer my project as a solution to buy ethics while feeling pretty : Éléa & Cybèle !

Every participant should then pitch its favorite project and form groups to develop it during 2 full days with the Design Thinking method. Luckily, my project got picked by great women. Our great digital marketing expert Joanna, our smart IT project leader Sylvie, our benevolent professional development coach Anne-Laure and our amazing solidarity economy expert Julie, who notably was a team member of « la boutique sans argent »- the first charity shop in Paris – rallied then to compose my dream team. You can see the whole team here on Sandy Beky’s periscope twitter post, a very inspiring speaker, also passionate about circular economy.

We also were lucky to get Martin Messonier ( Campagne Première Productions) as a speaker on the question of « happiness at work », eponymous of his movie about the gaps and cleavages between the generations towards the accessibility of jobs and their management style. His speech and this debate was specifically echoing one reason why I took the entrepreneur hat. Because this enables me to create a more horizontal system and to enforce my own human ressources chart. I want talents in my company to feel free to shine and I want them to become entrepreneurs themselves. Delphine Rémy-Boutang, founder and CEO of The Buro in London and Paris, also organizer of the French « JFD », Digital Woman Day, did motivate us not long after with again a very inspiring speech. And so did Sandra de Bailliencourt from Sparknews: the only media I ever heard of that is actually focusing on positive news – Finally !!-. They all gave us, as a team, a big real motivation to give our best on this hackathon !

The Design Thinking Steps we followed during the Hackathon :

1) Empathy map:

empathy-map Design Thinking


2) Value proposition



3) Business Model Canvas

businessmodelcanvas design thinking

The best part of it was definitely to get the benevolent and reassuring feedbacks from all those smart women on my project, a solution that they indeed were seeking for. Just consider this: 700 000 Tones of fabrics are used every year in France but only 1/4er of them are recycled. Fashion has now become the second most polluting industry after oil. But here is the thing: we can do better! And so we shall with Éléa & Cybèle ! Great to feel that we all want things to change and we all get to act for this change 🙂 This difficult choice we took to build our own companies was a good one. We work hard and this finds all its meaning into a goal we are hundreds and thousands to share worldwide: creating a better world for tomorrow ! Proud also that Paris is ranked 6th city worldwide for start-ups creations!

Our second Day at the Hackathon was dedicated to our websites and apps mockups. We studied the consumers needs and how to please them.

maquette site Éléa & Cybèle

We pitched eventually in front of a prestigious jury: Orange digital capital venture, Le Monde, CEA, InterElles, PWN, Orange SSR. I hope I forget none of them. I got a bit of scare as you can easily picture it, standing in front of them to share about the ethical fashion brand I had dedicated a whole year and all my energy to build for a year.

I was very positively surprised, grateful and thrilled to be on the podium thanks to my teammates and thanks to the jury. We are three selected projects to go forward and pitch at the Women’s Forum on November 30th with « Le Frigo Jaune » and « Sandra, mon coach responsable ».  As well as at the JFD on March, the 9th.

Le Monde évènements had it covered in this article: here.

prix "women in innovation"

Our two muses Éléa, the protagonist of The Ice People written by Barjavel; and Cybèle, phrygian Goddess of nature, inspired us well!

See you soon ! 😉

Edwige Tuarze

Hello everyone and thank you so much for checking on my blog today. I am very delighted to share here with you about my passion and about my convictions: ethical fashion, slow living and arts. My name is Edwige and I am a young entrepreneur. I graduated in 2014 from EM Lyon Business School in France where I co-created the Fashion Association Dress-Code with a dreamy team and the support of great stylists and ethical fashion entrepreneurs. After beginning my career in LVMH by a VIE in Asia Pacific, I have decided to come back to France to give birth to a project that had been growing for a while in my mind and in my heart. I wanted to offer a solution to stop having to chose between fashion and ethics. An organic and upcycled fast-fashion brand is raising from that project. And I would like to share with you my inspirations, my work and my hopes for it. Wanna be part of my journey? Let’s do this together