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Éléa & Cybèle. Why? Because there is not limit but the sky!

Elea & Cybel : our parisian organic and upcycled fashion brand

Éléa & Cybèle : our parisian organic and upcycled fashion brand


« I had entered, I saw you.

And soon I was immediately surprised by the furious and deadly desire to expel, to destroy all those who, behind me, behind the door, in the Sphere, on the ice, in front of their screens worldwide, waiting to know and see. And whoever will see you like I’d seen you.

And however, I also wanted them to see you. I wanted the whole world to know how wonderful, incredible and unimaginable beautiful you were. I wanted to show you to the universe, the time of a lightning, and then lock myself with you, alone, and look at you for eternity. »

Discovery of Éléa in The Ice People  – René Barjavel


Today, you and me, we are living in a world that is entirely designed by fashion. A full of images and colors garland is shining around us directly taken from the brilliant minds of fashion entrepreneurs, from the minds of creative designers, and made real by talented model makers. You and me, we feel the folly and fantastic enthusiasm of every little hand that builds the next amazing fashion collections. And, as an answer to them, we watch the magic dance of the never sleeping ballet of people wearing them. Let’s just consider this fact: 1 out of 6 people on the earth is working into the fashion industry. Thus, fashion isn’t just what shapes our everyday picture of the world. It has a real impact on our jobs and on our standard of living. Fashion is what makes women, men and children so beautifully magnified. This is the reason why it is so important: it makes life more beautiful, people happier, with or without being from head to toe styled.



How ? Slow Fashion. Fast-fashion: Doctor Jeckyll & Mister Hide


« She had an evil face, smoothed by hypocrisy; but her manners were excellent »

Robert Louis Steveson, The Strange Case of Dr.Jekyll and Mr. Hyde


Fashion or ethics: why should we choose? Fashion is meant to enhance beauty, to boost creativity and it is meant to show the esthete’s view. It has people fulfilling their dreams, fitting in and sometimes it just makes people fall in love. And this is why, in fashion, there should be no question of unsold items becoming waste . Like any creation I believe fashion is more about cycle and recycle than it is about a linear production. I believe fashion is somehow a blank page that designers constantly seek to redesign, and that it cannot be reduced to an automatic serigraphy. Fashion exists because of every woman and every man creating or wearing it, and not despite them. And certainly not through enslavement of invisible seamstresses or craftsmen, here or somewhere else in the world. The thousands of hands that draw, cut and seamstress should not remain anonymous. Fashion cannot be fancy at noon and evil at night. To my mind, this would be everything but fashion. It would sound like an additional industrial fast process, but nothing like beauty or art. The schizophrenia of a frenetic fast-fashion is outdated. You and me, we are living in an interconnected world where we all are neighbors and anyhow related and close to each other. We belong to a world where there is no longer line that had been drawn between those who create and produce, and those who sell and wear.


What? Éléa & Cybèle birth. An organic and upcycled fashion brand.


« « If he be Mr. Hyde » he had thought, « I shall be Mr. Seek. » »

Robert Louis Steveson, The Strange Case of Dr.Jekyll and Mr. Hyde


Because, just like you,  we believe in a zero waste fashion! An organic fashion that respects and cherishes its little hands and every link of its production and supply chain ! Éléa & Cybèle is your organic and upcycled fashion brand. We produce in cycle from organic raw materials and upcycled unsold items that we recycle, cut and design again. Our ambition is pure esthetics, from the raw materials to our final creations. For a better, healthier world for today and for tomorrow.


Eleaestsibelle.com : our blog on ethical fashion, slow living and arts. Please let us inspire you.


« I brought roses.

You have thought we may be used to eating those too … »

La nuit des Temps de René Barjavel


Eleaestsibelle.com is my open letter to inspire you. I want to share here, with you, all the fantastic ideas and projects that promote an ethical and sustainable fashion, slow liging and arts that we discover today for you.

Please message us your comments and follow us ! Soon our first article about ethical fashion initiatives in Hong-Kong just as announced on Instagram !

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Creativity, Beauty and Love

Creativity, Beauty and Love


Edwige Tuarze

Hello everyone and thank you so much for checking on my blog today. I am very delighted to share here with you about my passion and about my convictions: ethical fashion, slow living and arts. My name is Edwige and I am a young entrepreneur. I graduated in 2014 from EM Lyon Business School in France where I co-created the Fashion Association Dress-Code with a dreamy team and the support of great stylists and ethical fashion entrepreneurs. After beginning my career in LVMH by a VIE in Asia Pacific, I have decided to come back to France to give birth to a project that had been growing for a while in my mind and in my heart. I wanted to offer a solution to stop having to chose between fashion and ethics. An organic and upcycled fast-fashion brand is raising from that project. And I would like to share with you my inspirations, my work and my hopes for it. Wanna be part of my journey? Let’s do this together

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